I don’t know if the N&R meant this to be a point-counterpoint, but in today’s Ideas section, Guilford County Schools Superintendent Mo Green—in anticipation of the new school year—-reflects on GCS’ ‘tremendous accomplishments’ while on the facing page ed page editor Allen Johnson sighs “we found a solution to the achievement gap, then walked away from it.”

In Guilford County, racially and socioeconomically mixed schools are a long-lost cause that we don’t even talk about anymore. I’ve always believed integration can break down walls and shatter stereotypes. Now we’re building silos again. America is more diverse than ever but racial understanding is not where it needs to be. Schools that reflect that diversity would help, and, for a short while, they did.

We were close. Then we gave up, after barely trying.

All I know is Green’s has been superintendent for over seven years now —longer than someone we all know and love has held another public office —-and with a bleeding heart school board by his side every step of the way. I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, whether or not you choose to believe Allen Johnson or Mo Green —or neither.

Johnson’s cheap shot at Greensboro Day School in the lede does undermine his credibility somewhat.