Jill Simonian writes for the Federalist about steps parents can take if they’re stuck with the traditional public schools they have.

In August 2021, my children were launching into another precious elementary school year laced with uncertainty — woke and useless curriculum woven into daily lessons, invasive and senseless regulations that divided and destroyed students and neighbors, and a local teachers union that bullied me while in a private meeting with our former principal (because I said that schools were beginning to “indoctrinate” our children with anti-Americanism on my own social media accounts). …

… So, what should you do if you can’t opt out of public school right now? Get active. Here’s your checklist: 

Examine emergency forms

Closely review all “standard” medical treatment/consent forms that schools present to parents at the beginning of the year — make sure you are not blindly granting permission for school officials to administer medical guidance and/or procedures without your permission. A rising number of school districts are now endorsing pronoun changes and suggesting medical intervention procedures without parental consent — in the name of creating a “welcoming and safe” environment for students.

Opt your child out of SEL, SexEd, and DEI

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), “gender non-conforming” initiatives, and “culturally responsive and restorative” Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs are proven code-language for victim-versus-oppressor education and activism. Keep a hawkeye for homework, worksheets, online lessons, and digital surveys created by outside agencies — the trend of inserting these into our schools is not for the purpose of achieving academic goals. …

… File a FOIA request now

Parents have a right to know what’s going on in our kids’ classrooms and, if warranted, in communication between teachers and administrators. FOIA stands for Freedom of Information Act — and we have a right to utilize it to access emails, curriculum details, and paper trails, so we may be fully informed about what’s going on behind classroom doors.