John Locke Foundation’s Mitch Kokai writes for Carolina Journal’s Daily Journal:

Critics have devised reasonable arguments against each of the six constitutional amendmentson North Carolina’s election ballot. But outlandish claims about the amendments threaten to drown out serious messages that might sway undecided voters.

Consider, for instance, the following quote in the Raleigh News and Observer from Morrisville Mayor T.J. Cawley: “Passing any of these six amendments furthers the partisan divide and makes it even more difficult for our state to make the progress it needs to serve all the people of North Carolina so we can meet our potential.”


Increasing protection of hunting and fishing rights would widen the partisan divide? Enshrining more crime victims’ rights into the N.C. Constitution would impede the state’s progress? Shaking up appointments to the state elections board would hurt state government’s ability to serve people?

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