Thanks to the Biden administration, Americans and Afghan allies are trapped in Taliban-controlled territory as I write this, terrified and fearing for their lives, unsure if or when they’ll get out, unsure if or when a terrorist will come knocking at their door.

Americans get it. Americans see the stunning incompetence of Joe Biden as commander in chief. From CBS News/YouGov: 74% say the withdrawal has gone badly, with 44% saying “very badly.”


Our president doesn’t get it. Look at the headline below, courtesy of NBC News.

Should you think the criticism is partisan, you would be wrong, as the CBS/YouGov poll shows. Americans are clear-eyed. To my dismay – and frankly, to my horror – it is our president who is clueless about the failure of his withdrawal plan. I take no glee in writing this. I want my president to be at the top of his game. We need our president to be at the top of his game.