Kylee Zempel of the Federalist argues that Americans are rejecting Biden administration spin about inflation.

Americans across the country are suffering under astronomical prices for bare essentials such as groceries to feed their families and gasoline to get to work. And when they get to those jobs, wages aren’t keeping up with President Joe Biden’s skyrocketing inflation.

It’s a vicious and demoralizing cycle for people so recently rocked by the government’s heavy-handed response to a virus. More than anything, they want to get their lives back to normal and reclaim their financial security. They’ve been feeling knocked down for more than two years, and now thanks to Biden’s record inflation, they just can’t get back up. …

… Meanwhile, the Biden White House is in full-blown spin mode, desperately trying to shift the blame for America’s economic disaster off the incoherent buffoon who’s responsible and onto anyone within striking distance. They’ve pretended there was no inflation. Then they insisted it was “transitory.” Next came the straight-faced declarations that, actually, inflation is a good thing because it means we’re moving on from Covid.

Now the administration has employed a new tactic: Blame everything on Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. It’s under this strategy that we’ve been graced with the political messaging campaign where inflation goes by the name of “Putin’s Price Hike.”

Biden has called it this repeatedly, and his Democrat mouthpieces have followed suit. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki used the Putin catchphrase and then had the audacity to claim we’re “in a better place than we were last month.” …

… [D]espite all the Democrats’ deflection to Putin and Covid and those pesky consumers, Americans know their wallets are lighter and their minds are heavier due to the policies and incompetence of Biden and his foolish administration. Their solutions consist of spending more money, relinquishing energy independence, and pandering to their party’s radicals.