North Carolina expatriate Frank Stephenson (now chairman of the economics department at Berry College in GA) sent me the link to this amazingly ignorant editorial in the N&O. Just to refute two of the most flagrant bits of nonsense, Herbert Hoover was NOT a believer that the economy would correct itself if left alone, but instead was our first president to think that the federal government could improve upon the free market’s adjustment process, and taxes do not “equal services.” Taxes transfer resources from the private sector to politicians, who then put them to a vast array of uses that they want, few of which involve any “service.” Did the waste of half a billion on Solyndra provide a “service”? Did Obama’s trip here recently provide us any service? Does continuing the war in Afghanistan provide any service? Does the politicization of health care provide any service?

One glaring factual mistake and one glaring leftist shibboleth — about what you would expect.