Abortion is women’s health even though it kills male and female fetuses just the same. It has to be legal or else women will pursue their reproductive rights with dirty coat hangers in dark alleys. Legislation was just passed to subject abortion clinics to the same sanitation standards required of other medical clinics in the state. That set off a wave of protests from the pro-regulatory crowd. Only one abortion clinic that had been up and running had the capacity to meet basic health standards for all other types of clinics in the state. The legislation had to pass as a rider on a motorcycle bill, presumably because bikes can be retrofitted to carry babes less conspicuously than sharia law can.

Today, the plot thickened. It was announced the only qualified abortion clinic in the state failed its inspection. It was last inspected in 2007. At that time, problems were also found. This time around 23 violations were identified, among which were failure to sweep and mop under operating beds or even clean the beds themselves, and use of torn and taped anesthesia delivery systems.