Jane Mayer of The New Yorker has had plenty to say about conservative philanthropist Art Pope. Except for now.

John Hinderaker explains for the “Powerline” blog.

Mayer is a dishonest partisan, so she suppressed all inconvenient facts.

Mayer has a blog at the New Yorker. On October 12, she posted a breathless follow-up to her print article, asking, “Could Art Pope’s grip on North Carolina politics be slipping?” (She was excited because Democrats won an election.) I left this comment on Mayer’s blog post:

Ms. Mayer: I think this article in Philanthropy Daily on your hit piece on Art Pope may be the most devastating rebuttal to a magazine article I have ever seen: http://www.philanthropydaily.com/?p=7337 Can you comment on it? I think you owe it to your readers to justify the approach that you took to Pope and to North Carolina politics.

That was three days ago; so far, Ms. Mayer has not replied. How can she? She has been caught red-handed in a blatant attempt to deceive any readers foolish enough to expect honest journalism in the New Yorker. I will post any response that Mayer makes; in the meantime, I think it would be appropriate for others, via emails to Mayer at the New Yorker or comments on her blog post, to ask her to reply to the devastating critiques of her smear of Art Pope.

Speaking of Pope, he has developed a new website defending his record: ArtPope.com.