Independent Women’s Forum Columnist Charlotte Hays is calling out the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza for what he deems the “stunningly big and bad mistake” he believes Hillary Clinton made in 2008 by not playing the gender card more forcefully. I’m glad Hayes wrote about this, but I disagree with her conclusion.

Gallup respondents rated Mrs. Clinton’s being a woman as twice as appealing as her second most attractive trait: “experience/foreign policy experience.”

I find this very sad. Hillary Clinton was a United States senator and secretary of state, and the thing that may catapult her into the nation’s highest office was a trait that was apparent before she emerged from her mother’s womb: being a woman.

It’s not sad. It’s an illustration that many in this country are happy to GIVE special treatment to a woman — treatment they would deem unacceptable if it were given to a man.

Just imagine the outrage if Gallup’s survey rated Mr. Clinton’s being a man as twice as appealing as his second most attractive trait.