Rudy Giuliani–with an emphasis on the rude,  for his obnoxious cackling during Ron Paul’s answers last night.  If there were no other reasons (and there are plenty), this alone should be sufficient to keep any thinking person from supporting Giuliani for president. No matter what one thinks of his opponents’ views, to essentially lay down a laugh track over top of his answers during a debate shows a distinct lack of character and class that is not becoming of a presidential candidate. I guess it wasn’t enough for him simply to have the bulk of the time alloted to his canned answers, he had to try and distract the audience from the answers given by an opponent who is not threat to him at all. My big disappointment was not in Rude–y but with the Fox News cast of interrogators who did not see fit to call the former Mayor on his obnoxious behavior. Imagine if it was Ron Paul doing the cackling while others were trying to get their point across, Brit Hume would have escorted him off the stage himself.