North Carolina isn’t the only state that has gone overboard with occupational licensing. In our state, one of the most ridiculous examples of this kind of government overreach involves the art of African hair braiding. And now we have a case from Texas, as explained in this Institute for Justice video about Isis, an entrepreneur who was cuffed and taken to jail. Rowes tells John Stossel of Fox Business Network about Isis’ plight in this segment. Forward to 3:00 on the clock for her story.

Rowes tells FBN’s John Stossel about Isis, an entrepreneur recently represented by the Institute for Justice. He says Isis was arrested for teaching hair-braiding without having “jumped through” the required government hoops.

“Does American civilization really need the cosmetology cops protecting us from someone who braids hair? It’s ridiculous,” says Rowes.

As for the “government hoops,” he says to clear the federal checklist Isis would need to construct a 2,000-square-foot “barber college,” installing ten barber chairs and five wash stations. On top of that, she would need to attend 750 hours of instruction – all of which he says is unnecessary for her end goals.

All for trying to practice your trade and earn a living. Ridiculous.