Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner about reaction to recent vulgar chants against President Biden.

Recently the Washington Post published a news article, “Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts,” exploring what the paper says is a growing phenomenon of people around the country directing raw insults at the president. As an example, the paper pointed to President Joe Biden’s recent visit to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where a woman stood on the street with a sign that said, “F— Joe Biden.” At other times, Biden detractors say simply, “FJB,” which stands for you know what.

The Post also noted the “Let’s go Brandon” phenomenon. …

… All this derision directed toward the president has disturbed some in the media. Biden “is increasingly becoming an object of hatred to many Trump supporters,” the Washington Post reported. Conceding that “boos, jeers and insults are nothing new for politicians,” the paper nevertheless declared that “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and changes, however, is on another level, far more vulgar and widespread.”

To which anyone who was awake from 2016 to 2020 might ask: What???

In case you have forgotten, the level of hostility directed at President Donald Trump — and the prominence of those attacking the president — far exceeded anything seen so far in the Biden administration. To illustrate the point, just focus specifically on the phrase, “F— Trump.”

In June 2018, the actor Robert De Niro appeared at the Tony Awards ceremony in New York. His role was to introduce a performance by Bruce Springsteen, but he started with this: “I’m gonna say one thing. F— Trump.” The audience gave De Niro a standing ovation. As they cheered, De Niro said, “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f— Trump.” Now, this was not some woman standing on a street corner in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was the most celebrated and honored actor of his generation, appearing before the entertainment elite in a nationally televised event, saying, with great pride, “F— Trump.”