Funding Pre K by doubling the excise tax on tobacco:

Researchers with the Tax Foundation determined that raising the tobacco excise tax alone would not provide enough sustainable funding because fewer adult Americans smoke.

Although the tax will raise enough overall revenue in the first decade, the Obama administration predicts a revenue decline toward the end of the 10-year window, with $6 billion projected for 2023. Spending on the program for that year would approach $8 billion, creating a $2 billion deficit.

…John Hood, president of John Locke Foundation, a conservative policy research group, argues that basing state expansion of preschool on new federal cigarette taxes “is an ill-advised policy on many levels.”

“There is no logical relationship between tobacco use and education policy, and giving states temporary federal funding for a permanent increase in spending is the kind of policy that always turns out badly in the long run,” Hood said.

Have never understood government’s desire to fund programs while simultaneously doing everything it can to stamp out the source of that funding.