I realize cities all around our great country are suffering economic hardship due to coronavirus cancellations, but it seems like my adopted hometown of Greensboro has been hit especially hard. Maybe I’m just being self-centered.

I posted earlier this week about the hopes and dreams for Greensboro as it served as host for the ACC Tournament. As you know by now, those dreams were dashed when the conference announced it was locking fans out of the tournament before canceling it altogether.

There was another big Greensboro event scheduled for later this month–the grand opening of the $85 million, city-funded Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. The center has been eight years in the making and has not been without controversy due to a few budget “tweaks,” but it finally looked like the proverbial show was ready to go on. But the grand opening has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

How ironic that my Facebook page out up a two year-old post quoting the Tom Petty song ‘To Find a Friend’—everything changed, then changed again. Perfect line for this insane week.