I love stories about entrepreneurs who take risks and thrive, thanks to capitalism. In this case, it’s a Cary businesswoman.

Wedding Story Writer, a company formed in 2011, creates an heirloom product for big-budget weddings: a handcrafted storybook about the day of your wedding.

Michelle McMurray de Luces founded the business as a stay-at-home mom who had recently finished her master’s degree in operations management. She spent several years working for Nortel and GlaxoSmithKline until she had her third child.

The effect of this businesswoman’s creativity and willingness to take risks as she taps the luxury market has translated into job opportunities for a variety of people.

de Luces has two writers on the East Coast, two on the West Coast, and has contracts with graphic designers, papermakers, a local letterpress specialist (Artisan Printer), artists, a poet, and book printers in other countries, including one in Poland who she says prints books for the Pope.

I continue to be amazed at the opportunity capitalism offers — and how the wealthy are the key to the livelihoods of so many of us in the middle class. The wealthy are like every other segment of society: there are decent people and there are underhanded people. They’re not better than the rest of us, but they are an important component of our economy both as buyers and as investors.

Perhaps one day progressives will come to appreciate the wealthy in our society rather than seek to engender jealousy and a belief that the wealthy don’t “pay their fair share, don’t “deserve” their success, and that capitalism is unfair.