Every day we hear of new examples of government overreach to show how Kafkaesque the US is becoming. Consider the case Radley Balko discusses in this Washington Post piece, a fisherman who is under attack for supposedly violating the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. That’s the law that was supposed to end financial fraud by big business, but some aggressive official wants to use it to nail a guy for an alleged fishing violation.

Hey, Dems and progressives, instead of trying to win votes by promising people stuff we can’t afford and further undermining the rule of law, how about trying to compete by promising to out-do the Republicans on getting rid of counterproductive laws (the case against Sarbanes-Oxley was overwhelming before this latest idiocy) and protecting people from government aggression? I know it’s not in your DNA to think about government downsizing, but you should think about a new electoral strategy.