Do you really want to read another article about how some great manufacturer is going to expand thanks to corporate welfare? If so, cliquez ici.

If not, here’s my rant. This dude, named King Solomon, was supposedly the wisest person to ever live. He left a book of proverbs. Many of the proverbs are one-liners that distinguish between wise men and fools. Taken together, we see that the wise men are those who want to create, and the foolish men are those that want to take.

In other words, even if those astronomical economic multipliers pan out, as they supposedly are doing before our very eyes for numerous past recipients; it is wrong in principle to use the power of government to scoop up resources from the poor among us to support a business that either is not successful enough to survive on its merits or wants to replace private-sector lenders with government. And when I say “government” here, I refer to George Washington’s “fire.”