People keep raising questions about how the Obamacare exchanges are going to work and whether the government is really up to the job of administering such a huge, complex system.  Looks like doubts are well-founded.  According to Reuters, testing for the entire Obamacare IT system is months behind schedule, so there’s no determination yet as to whether the exchanges will even be secure.  If they’re not, there’s potential for mass identity theft.  Not good.

The testing was supposed to have already been done, but there have been multiple delays, and it now looks like there won’t be an answer to the security question until September 30, just ONE DAY before the system’s supposed to go live.  If you’ve been following Katherine Restrepo’s countdown on this blog, you’ll know that’s only 55 days away.

If they can’t even manage to get the systems set up and tested on time, how are they possibly going to manage healthcare for hundreds of millions of Americans?