News & Record reports on another snafu facing families struggling to pay tuition in order to attend our liberal, elitist universities.

A recent Department of Education ruling limiting the personal financial data colleges can share has created an extra step families and students must take. Instead of the colleges providing the data to Say Yes to Education as part of the students’Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the students must provide that information directly to Say Yes.

According to interim director Donnie Turlington:

Say Yes is asking students to submit the information to Say Yes directly by Monday. Immediately is better. Instructions on the Say Yes website explain how to take a screenshot of the financial aid letter and upload it to Say Yes’ portal.

Turlington said their goal for students who submit by Monday is to have the fall semester payment processed by the end of the month. If students complete the new step on time, but don’t see a payment by the end of the month, they need to be in touch with Say Yes, he said. They’ve received more than 500 responses back thus far, he said.

I know what many might say—this is on the Education Department—under controversial Trump appointee Betsy DeVos– not Say Yes. Not an unreasonable argument. With that in mind, perhaps the best scenario is the Department of Education not exist at all.