Monica Showalter responds for the American Thinker to the latest legal developments surrounding Obamacare.

Fact is, if there ever was a law that didn’t do what it promised to do – which is to say lower costs and allow people to keep their doctors – Obamacare is it. It taxes the poor, which is to say people who cannot afford it and who don’t qualify as supplicants to its subsidies, and it lards up a lot of unwanted and unneeded services on buyers, which every buyer in that one-size-fits-all setup must pay for. As Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber explained, its gargantuan costs were hidden from voters because the law’s creators considered Americans “stupid.” … No wonder the public hates the law.

Congress did strike down the poverty tax for those who cannot afford Obamacare on its own difficult terms earlier, so chip one has happened. People with incomes that might be high one month and very low the next got freed not to buy it. Now this judicial strike-down, based on the premise upheld by the Supreme Court earlier, saying the whole thing was within Congress’s power to issue taxes, is built on Congress’s new decision to repeal the tax.

That’s good news, because it potentially gets rid of the second-most detested thing about the nightmare of Obamacare: the low choice and one-size-fits-all insurance policies Obamacare offers, which force buyers to purchase services they will never need and likely do not want – things like expensive and highly failure-prone treatment for users of illegal drugs and their addictions, pregnancy care for those who can never become pregnant, mammograms for men, and other people’s children’s dental care (dental care for actual Obamacare-buyers sold separately). These larded up mandates were brought on by lobbying and special interests that got their snoots in the trough and the influence to have such pet issues placed there, while others with less political clout, such as dental providers, got left in the cold.