Students at UNC-Chapel Hill recently received an email message from Chancellor Moeser, which read in part:

I have charged the Task Force for Diversity with conducting a campus-wide assessment of diversity issues. As part of this work, the Task Force is surveying students to learn more about perceptions regarding a wide variety of diversity-related issues. The survey results will assist the Task Force in preparing a report to me on what we are doing well and how we can do better in the future. The University values the input of all students and we strongly urge you to complete the survey so that your view will be represented.

Moeser gives students link to the survey, which asks such questions as:

? “The University publicly embraces and celebrates diversity in the student body.”

? “The University adequately addresses campus incidents that might involve racism.” (A similarly worded question addresses “homophobia.”)

? “The University makes sufficient efforts to recruit a diverse student body.” (Now how are students able to answer that question?)

? “I have considered leaving Carolina due to feelings that I am not welcome or appreciated here.”

? “The University is generally a warm and inclusive environment for all.”

? “I have experienced situations in which the environment caused me to feel disenfranchised or marginalized.”

? “Senior administrators exhibit awareness of diversity issues among students.”

Participating students are told that they “will be entered into a drawing to win the Ipod Shuffle grand prize, one of five $50.00 gift certificates or one of ten coupons for a free medium Domino’s pizza.”