Joe Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon details the combined forces of two high-dollar anti-Trump groups.

The super PAC supporting former vice president Joe Biden has joined forces with liberal operative David Brock’s opposition research group to form a $175 million network opposing President Donald Trump.

Pro-Biden super PAC Unite the Country and Brock’s American Bridge PAC announced Monday they will collaborate on research, polling, and ad buys against President Trump. The groups are teaming up in hopes of surpassing the Priorities USA super PAC, which is affiliated with the Democratic Party, as the largest outside group backing Biden’s candidacy.

The coalition’s resources, however, could extend far beyond the $175 million benchmark the groups have publicly stated as their goal. The pro-Biden PAC’s founders also started a massive dark money group that will spend tens of millions during the 2020 cycle. The new partnership may also heighten an existing rivalry between Priorities and Brock’s network of groups and could ultimately divert money away from official party organs such as the cash-strapped Democratic National Committee.

Officials from Unite the Country and American Bridge said they formed the coalition to avoid competing against one another for fundraising and to ensure there is no redundancy between the PACs. The partnership will be led by former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick.

Future Majority, a dark money organization that plans to spend $60 million in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, went unmentioned in the groups’ announcement despite its close proximity to the coalition. Future Majority lists Matthew Tompkins, a D.C. fundraiser, as its governor in D.C. business records. Tompkins also established Unite the Country. Brock has already poured millions into the same states as Future Majority and will spend $50 million on similar efforts leading up to the November elections.

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