So it seems that the mayor thinks this is the perfect time to come up with a new Creative Class-inspired plan capital that requires Charlotte residents to may more in property taxes. Because, you know, having the highest combined city/county cost of local government in North Carolina just doesn’t provide enough money for local government to through at random projects. To avoid becoming Detroit or Cleveland, we need to double down, tax more so we can built more stuff because that previous stuff we built wasn’t the right stuff. Or termites ate the stuff. Or something like that.

Of course, what we’re really doing is doubling down on crony capitalism while embracing a form of trickle-down economics that requires that we pander to what are thought to the lifestyle choices of the 21st Century version of yuppies. So essentially Mr. Foxx would tax the unwashed masses trying to hang on to their houses so affluent 20-somethings can party on. Funny how liberals define social justice these days.