Accuracy in Academia spots a good one:

One UC Berkeley group, named Berkeley Antifa, created a Facebook event dedicated to disrupting and cancelling Milo’s event. The initiative, titled “No Fascists on Campus: Shut Down Milo at UC Berkeley,” urges students to contact school administrators and encourage them to cancel Yiannopoulos’ appearance.

“Given the recent increase in fascist activity both on and around the UC Berkeley campus, we feel that the university’s willingness to provide a platform to Milo Yiannopoulos and his views is unacceptable, and we intend to shut this event down,” the group explains in the event description. “We are inviting all allies and the Berkeley community to join us in making UC Berkeley a fascist-free zone.”

So … you want your mob to work with local authorities to shut down a planned speech? OK. But you want to do all that in order to make the campus free of fascism?

That’d be like the Chick-Fil-A cows calling on everyone to EAT MOR COWZ.

Such self-defeating nonsense is a clear candidate for the School of Comparative Irrelevance: “where useless or impossible courses are given.” But as always we must ask: “But would that go with Potio-section or the Adynata?

A brief recap of the school’s four departments:

  • Potio-Section: The art of slicing soup.
  • Tetrapyloctomy: The art of slicing a hair four ways.
  • Adynata: Impossibilia.
  • Oxymoronics: Self-contradiction.

This one’s easy: A mob working with authorities to shut down free speech in the name of anti-fascism is, well, textbook self-contradiction.