Carolina Journal’s Barry Smith reports on the positive development today regarding the Opportunity Scholarship program.

The N.C. Court of Appeals will allow nearly 1,900 students to get vouchers for the current school year while a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the fledgling Opportunity Scholarships is on appeal.

The appeals court on Friday issued an order putting on hold a separate ruling by Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood halting all disbursements of funds for the program after he declared the Opportunity Scholarships program unconstitutional.

The appeals court’s order releases scholarship funding for 1,878 applicants who accepted Opportunity Scholarships as of Aug. 21. That means those students will be allowed to receive up to $4,200 each in vouchers from the state to pay toward their tuition at a private school.

The rest of Hobgood’s order on the distribution of any other funds remains in effect, the appeals court order says.

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