It’s called Feed the Pack, a program to address what the founding students call “food insecurity” on the NC State campus. From The Technician comes these comments from the founder, junior Monique McLeary:

“This was inspired by the merging of energies from staff, faculty and students who were eager to address the food insecurity they were seeing on our campus,” McLeary said.

McLeary said members of the N.C. State community in extreme economic difficulty may not be able to afford healthy food. She said Feed the Pack would give those people a place to turn.

“Eating is a basic right, not a privilege,” McLeary said.

Bonds defined food insecurity as “a lack of consistent availability and access to food due to financial hardships.”

“We want to increase the success of all students and help support struggling faculty and staff,” Bonds said.

The focus of this initiative is focused on combating hunger solely on N.C. State’s campus.

Helping others is wonderful. I blog frequently about the need for individuals to step up. And if Feed the Pack wants to help students save their money by providing free/donated food, that’s very thoughtful. However, it seems a stretch to say that students are going without food on the NC State campus. If this is accurate, then NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson should be notified, shouldn’t he?