At JLF headquarters, Massa Hood, who is usually right about everything, declared today that Obamacare is effectively being repealed. As an amateur, my gut reaction is to rejoice, but it may be too early. Obamacare is self-destructive. It supporters are bent on making the act so increasingly revolting, every sniveling advocate of tyranny in the land will demand its detonation. There is still the possibility that the act was crafted so obnoxiously its opponents would rejoice in walking the socialization of America back to less oppressive levels for the short-term. Hood, however, thinks the recent delays have bought enough time to get market-based solutions a chance to rise triumphantly from its ashes. If so, Obamacare would not have to claim too many civilian casualties before it meets its unavoidable sad end. But are enough people wise enough to the shortcomings of government control of the economy to not demand it again, at least for a generation?