The Google deal with The Associated Press and other wire services is going to hurt newspapers, says media blogger Jeff Jarvis.

Wire services grab this original content and syndicate it under their logos — a model that made perfect sense when we couldn’t read the news around the world, at its source, with the speed of a click. …

Now I know that the AP has been sensitive to this in many cases; they’re not out to hurt their own members and clients.

Nonetheless, the Google deal does rob traffic, thus revenue, from the paper that invested in journalism. And that will not help sustain journalism.

His solution?:

Whenever reporters at a wire service — or a newspaper, web site, TV station, magazine, or blog — sit down to write a story, they should include links to their source material, whether that is others’ stories or web sites or original documents . . . or even, yes, Wikipedia. We bloggers do it, it’s not hard.