John Sexton ponders at the proper standard to follow when it comes to President Biden and America’s 800,000 COVID deaths.

Asking who is to blame for these deaths strikes me as a pretty silly question. COVID is spreading as fast as it can everywhere it can. You can blame each individual who spread it or you can blame the Chinese for not isolating it fast enough last year. But what I don’t think you can do is point at Joe Biden and say he’s to blame for every death.

The problem is that a tremendous number of Democrats spent much of last year saying exactly that sort of thing about President Trump. One of the people who explicitly made this argument was candidate Joe Biden:

“220,000 deaths. If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this: Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States.”

That wasn’t the only time he made that argument. He said the same thing in a presidential debate. …

… Here we are 11 months later and the economy is looking better in some respects though rising inflation is a big cause for concern. But putting that aside how are we looking on shutting down the virus? Not so good it turns out. In fact we’re now bracing for the spread of Omicron which, may lead to another winter in which a lot of people are sick. …

… Conservatives get accused all the time of “whataboutism.” Sometimes I’d agree that people go a bit too far afield looking for a point of comparison to make a point or to avoid one. But not in this case. This case is directly comparable. In fact, Joe Biden’s own words practically beg us to make the comparison. This is a big campaign promise, maybe the biggest one he made and it obviously hasn’t worked out so far.