The list of the six worst attorneys general in the U.S., that is.

Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute has written an illuminating piece on the legal and ethical wrongs that attorneys general have been known to commit, such as “violating the Constitution, fabricating legal norms, usurping legislative powers, hiring outside counsel (often campaign contributors) on a contingency-fee basis, and suing businesses over conduct occurring outside their own states.”

AGs do those things because they can gain fame for themselves and damage people who oppose them and their parties. Abusing power for such ends ought to be grounds for impeachment, but that hardly ever happens, sadly.

So who did make the list? Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania (now under indictment for leaking grand jury materials), Jim Hood of Mississippi, Tom Miller of Iowa, Kamala Harris of California, William Sorrell of Vermont, and Eric Schneiderman of New York.