Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon highlights polling data that should concern supporters of the federal Affordable Care Act.

A majority of likely voters believe that private health insurance companies are better at providing quality health care coverage than the federal government, according to a poll from the American Action Forum.

Fifty-seven percent said they had more trust in private care, while only 26 percent of voters said they believed the federal government was better at providing quality health services.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said that private insurance companies were better at providing care for those with serious health conditions like cancer and HIV. Only 34 percent of respondents thought the federal government provided better care for serious conditions.

The poll also asked likely voters if they thought private companies or the federal government provided more affordable care. Forty-eight percent responded in favor of private insurance companies, while 39 percent chose the government.

A plurality of likely voters, or 21 percent, expressed concern that the government would take over health care if the number of private insurance companies in the Obamacare marketplace continued to decline. Fourteen percent said they were concerned about higher premiums, while another 14 percent said they were concerned with lower quality care.

The average requested rate hike for insurers participating in the Obamacare exchanges in all 50 states is 24 percent this year, according to an independent analyst.