Rebecca Downs writes at about more bad news for the Bidens.

As the evidence for at least an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden keeps pouring in, our friends at Twitchy highlighted another example: the suspicious activity reports (SARs) from six banks, to the tune of 170, in fact. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and co-host Ben Ferguson discussed these reports on their podcast with House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) as their guest. Not only has Comer been looking into the Biden family as part of fulfilling promises to the American people, he already is familiar with SARs, since, as he told Cruz, he was the director of a bank. 

These SARs are submitted and sent to the Treasury Department when banks “have a strong suspicion” that a crime has been committed, so as to protect the bank. As Comer emphasized, these are submitted “very seldom.” If someone were to have two, the chairman explained, it would be hard for that person to open up a bank account. Submitting an SAR, Comer added, also is “inviting the regulators to come in and regulate,” which is the last thing banks want. The 170 reports are thus quite significant. 

To paint the scene here, Comer explained that what might trigger an SAR is “a large transaction that comes out of the blue.”

The allegations are certainly damning. …

… Comer and Cruz also discussed a name we’ve been hearing about for months, Rob Walker, the first account that Comer said the Committee subpoenaed. He was an associate of the Bidens who funneled money from China and Romania that was laundered. Although he’s doing business with the Bidens, Comer doesn’t know what that is. Those business dealings have been particularly concerning, though, as was actually only further highlighted during an exchange between Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) and IRS whistleblowers during an Oversight Committee hearing earlier this month.