Meanwhile in Winston-Salem, the battle over the historic train depot continues,and it looks like the city’s knees are buckling.

Remember the city wants the depot as part of its mass transit plan, but doesn’t want to pay property owner Harvey Davis fair market share after seizing through property through eminent domain.

Davis –who converted the depot to a car repair shop in 1975— is fighting the city in court and is willing to take the case to a jury if necessary. Meanwhile the City Council met in closed session with city attorney Angela Carmon to discuss the matter. Three options are on the table — pay fair market share, continue to fight Davis in court or give the property back. Given the city’s financial situation, the first two options don’t look very good. And you know the city doesn’t want this going before a jury.

Related — this from the capital of mass transit — when a new project is announced expect delays and cost overruns. Imagine that.