The UPoR offered up a story on the Charlotte Knight’s new BB&T BallPark after its first season. Unsurprising, it was 100 percent positive, extolling how wonderful a thing the ballpark was and how wise a decision it was to spend public money on it. A sample quote:

“No knock on the team, but baseball at times almost became secondary,” said Jim Garges, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation director. “It’s a part of the total experience of BB&T and the park: It’s a fun place to watch a baseball game, but also to hang out with your friends.”

And, of course, exactly that is the problem. The first year is typically the best for a new stadium. Those fickle fans might be at whatever the cool spot of the moment is next year or five years from now and the ballpark for some AAA baseball. So let’s wait awhile before declaring the new ballpark an astounding smash hit.