The news outlets continue to be saturated with conversation about the atrocity that happened near Roanoke, yesterday. The talking heads are demanding to know why. I do not understand how this helps ratings. The question has been answered many times, but since they ask again, I will answer. Evil is, by definition, irrational and senseless. It does not ask how it can benefit the planet, friends and neighbors, or generations to come. It just destroys. That’s why it’s called senseless.

I happened to be driving through the area as the story broke. At first, the radio stations entertained lame, canned conversation. Slowly, information trickled in, and I continued to channel surf. What stands out and hits me hard is the sadness in the voices of the on-air personalities who knew the victims. The first dude I heard spoke with the weirdest voice for radio. It took awhile to realize he was crying. It is because of their pain that I feel compelled to break with personal policy and call attention to a media spectacle.