Do you know what’s in the North Carolina state budget Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed? JLF’s Becki Gray takes a look and finds lots of reasons to celebrate. She’s calling it North Carolina’s Freedom Budget. Here are 3 of the 17 reasons.

  1. By restraining spending growth to an average of 3.5% over the two-year budget (within the growth of population and inflation) North Carolinians get to keep more of their money and enjoy the freedom to spend it as they wish. 
  2. Putting $710 million into the savings reserve account and building the state’s rainy-day fund back up to $1.96 billion by 2021 ensures help when we need it most — during a natural disaster or to get us through an economic downturn, as well as providing peace of mind and freedom from worry. 
  3. North Carolina has a long history of supporting education, understanding that gaining skills to work and having a job is the path to happiness, fulfillment, the way out of poverty and the key to independence and freedom from government dependency. This budget allocates $14 billion to public education, the highest amount ever. 

What are 4 thru 17? Read on to find out why Becki Gray calls this the Freedom Budget.