Last week, JLF’s Becki Gray went on North Carolina Public Radio WUNC with host Jeff Tiberii and fellow guest Rob Schofield from the N.C. Justice Center to discuss gun policy and health care. The group discussed the lack of substantive policy conversation around gun policy in the General Assembly. Tiberii shared his frustrations with the lack of effective communication on this issue:

“We aren’t even having a conversation. We’re not having a real meaty policy conversation, [but] there is plenty of fighting and rhetoric that is taking place.”

Gray replied:

“Maybe one of the impediments to having a really meaningful conversation goes to what you just mentioned. It’s with the accusations and the finger-pointing – the accusations of morality on either side with this. You know, I’m not sure how you have a productive conversation if you just stand and yell at each other.”

Schofield weighed in:

“Our world is getting more complicated, more crowded, [and] more populated. We have mass migration; we have the climate crisis. It’s not going to get any easier to live with each other in the years ahead. We have got to do something to get a handle on the gun crisis in this country.”

Gray shared her hopes for a more productive conversation, but she also shared her concerns:

“What I hope doesn’t happen is something moves for the sake of moving something, and then we deal with the unintended consequences.”

Listen to the full discussion here. Listen to Carolina Journal’s Rick Henderson’s comments on gun control legislation proposals on WPTF Radio in the Triangle here.