This week, an installment of NCSPIN’s “After SPIN!” featured JLF’s Becki Gray. Becki spoke with the show’s host, Tom Campbell, and president of Raleigh-based consulting firm Campaign Connections, Brad Crone, about the potential privatization of North Carolina’s alcohol sales.

Gray was clearly in favor of privatization, commenting to Campbell:

“I don’t know why the state is in the liquor business at all. You know? We are not in the bread business or the sugar business or the chocolate bar business. Why in the world are we in the liquor business?”

Gray also pointed out that North Carolina’s system for alcoholic beverage control is unusual, and that, by changing it, the state could bring in higher revenues:

“Most states do not have the same kind of system that North Carolina does, and we ought to get out of it, privatize it and turn it over to the private market. The potential for making actually more revenue is with privatizing the system.”

Listen to Gray’s full comments here. Learn more about the benefits of privatizing the liquor industry in North Carolina here.