It’s not the mittens memes that has self-described socialist and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders in “as close to a good mood as he can get right now,” as reported by John Fund of National Review. The laughs over the inaugural mittens can’t come close to Sanders’ excitement of just how far left, and deep into debt, our new president is ready to take the country, especially when a few big-spending Republicans are willing to go along.

Just last spring, Bernie Sanders was a two-time loser for the Democratic presidential nomination. His refusal to knuckle under to the establishment of his party had made him a pariah with major donors. But Sanders, a radical socialist since his teens, never allowed himself to become discouraged. He negotiated an agreement with Biden that moved the former vice president to the left on key issues in exchange for his endorsement. After the election, he partnered with some Republican senators to dramatically increase the direct payments to Americans in the pandemic-relief bill. The split that created in Republican ranks may have indirectly led to the two Democratic wins in the Georgia Senate race. Those wins in turn gave Democrats their Senate majority and made Sanders the chairman of the Budget Committee.

Whether it’s luck, good timing, or an ominous omen about the direction of our country, socialist Bernie Sanders appears to be running a good deal of the show.

Sen. Sanders is likely to be giddy over President Biden’s choices for his energy and climate team. That includes North Carolinian Michael Regan, who has led our Department of Environmental Quality, to lead EPA. Is the leftist Green New Deal on the horizon? If so, what would that mean to North Carolina farmers and landowners? Will land use be federally dictated?

Earlier this month I talked to Locke Senior Fellow Dr. Don van der Vaart about Mr. Biden’s far-left choicesto head key agencies with big impact over our lives.  Don’s assessment left me very concerned about what’s ahead.