That maybe the city can finally sell off some of those parcels it bought in anticipation of this expansion 10 and more years ago.

There is land all around Douglas airport that Charlotte bought after getting sued following a previous expansion zapped residents with jet noise. Maybe now that the project is moving ahead we can figure out what exactly is needed for the runway and its buffer, and sell the rest off. The land could certainly work as warehouse space with easy access to 485.

In the meantime, let’s hope no decides to sue over this expansion.

Update: Maybe we can finally get rid of the 92 acres the city bought from East Coast Bible College in 1992 for $9.1 million, but was only worth about one-third that amount by a 2003 revaluation. This after the city spent even more money to tear down buildings on the site. The land is across Wilkinson Blvd. from the airport and right on top of 485.