The NC Association of School Administrators is hosting their annual conference on educational leadership in March.  This year’s theme:  “Banding Together for Public Education.” 

Seems they believe “choice” is a “buzz word” for folks who do not support public education. This is what their marketing material says:

While school choice is the “buzz word” that resonates with those who do not support public education or who believe that public education is the problem in our state, the truth is that those who are leaders in public education must lead schools, school districts and communities to understand the importance of public education in our society.

Doesn’t this kind of communication simply stereotype an individual’s motives?  I like choice, but also want to see traditional public schools succeed.  The two beliefs do coexist!  This progressive, professional organization (paid by with taxpayers money) would never intentionally stereotype, would they?  Their motives are more direct:

You will leave this “can’t miss” learning opportunity with skills and knowledge that will make you a better leader and you will learn about influence strategies that influencers use to change the way people think and behave.

Hum . . . learning strategies to change the way I think and behave.  Somebody needs to let them in on something.  School choice is coming! A better use of time would be to learn how to make a traditional public school a school of choice.