John Hinderaker of the Powerline blog considers electoral challenges for the president and his Democratic Party.

Democrats are nervous about Biden because 1) everyone has now noticed that he is senile, 2) Bidenflation has destroyed the budgets of most American families, 3) the Southern border is a disaster that even Democrats are now running away from, and 4) pretty much every other Biden policy has been a failure, too. But that may not be the worst of it.

The ongoing investigation of the Biden crime family, which began in October 2020, is now reaching a crescendo. Everyone who pays attention understands that Biden and his relatives have engaged in an influence peddling scheme that necessarily involved Joe as the key player, since he was the only one who had any influence. Many millions of dollars have now been traced from foreign sources to the Biden coffers. Andy McCarthy puts the capstone on one of the worst scandals in American history:

“Would the American people have elected Joe Biden, despite the widespread disdain for then-president Donald Trump, if it had been widely understood that Biden was bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist regime?

“The question presses because, as it turns out, the incumbent president actually is what the media-Democrat complex falsely claimed the prior president was: a clandestine agent of a hostile foreign power — indeed, America’s greatest geopolitical foe by whom, it is convincingly argued, we are already confronted in a second Cold War.”

That is the fact, and while the Democratic Party press can try to ignore it, and Biden and his minions indignantly deny it, awareness of Biden’s corruption–worse, the fact that he is a paid agent of a foreign power–can only grow over the next year. If the Democrats have an alternative to Biden, they had better pull him out of the hat pretty soon. Or else start thinking seriously about nominating Dean Phillips.