Tristan Justice explains at the Federalist why those who believe former Vice President Joe Biden represents a return to political moderation should think again.

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a vehicle for the left’s cultural revolution, even if he doesn’t know it. Someone might remind him that he’s even running.

On Wednesday, prominent communist, anti-Semite and former Black Panther Angela Davis said Biden could be “effectively pressured,” into promoting the agenda of the radical left in pursuit of a complete societal transformation overthrowing existing norms into a new world order.

“I don’t see this election as being about choosing a candidate who will be able to lead us in the right direction,” Davis said on “Russia Today.” “It will be about choosing a candidate who can be most effectively pressured into allowing more space for the evolving anti-racist movement.”

That anti-racism movement meanwhile, has morphed into a profoundly religious one, featuring woke white people bowing down in a form of moral submission to atone for ancestral sins. …

… The new anti-racism movement, adopted explicitly from the Marxist playbook, features the radical rewrite of history, the purging of cultural relics, the takeover of legacy institutions in media and academia and the criminalization of dissent with the unforgiving exile of any of those opposed to the collectivist movement in the name of “social justice,” no matter its own contradictions. These are the same tactics being employed by the Chinese Communist Party in the takeover of Hong Kong. …

… It’s no surprise then, that the contemporary anti-racism movement has now set its sights on the grand prize in the nation’s cultural wars attempting to weaponize the Oval Office in their assault on the existing world order. Biden has already showcased a willingness to conform to the woke revolution and even champion the cause to the detriment of the very people it purports to support.