Jim Geraghty of National Review Online dissects the latest proclamation from our addled chief executive.

President Biden argued that to preserve your right to vote for the candidate of your choice, you have no other option but to vote for the candidate of his choice. …

… [A]fter hearing that Biden would be making a national address at night about how Republican candidates in the midterm elections represent a threat to democracy, I joked to Greg Corombos that “President Biden is in reruns.” As expected, this was a reheated version of Biden’s Independence Hall speech without the ominous red lighting in the background. Biden said he was speaking “near Capitol Hill,” and indeed, Union Station is near Capitol Hill, but he could have given this speech anywhere, with the same row of American flags behind him.

Biden’s speech was repetitive and more than a little condescending, talking to Americans as if he was a high school principal reprimanding a bunch of misbehaving teenagers who had been caught fighting in the school parking lot. Biden reminded Americans, over and over again, that political violence was wrong, as if vast numbers of the people watching at home were on the verge of firebombing their neighbor because they put a yard sign for the other candidate. Biden offered once again the warning that certain candidates wanted to “take away your right to vote.” This is once again a reference to the Georgia voting law that Biden compared to Jim Crow, that so far has resulted in a record-high number of early voters. The same old stuff, served many times before, zapped in a microwave.

Biden spoke in a strangely listless manner, considering he was warning of epic, life-and-death consequences. At one point, Biden mumbled a warning that MAGA Republicans will “flersh their thresh for power,” which I presume was meant to be “flourish their thirst for power.”