Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon reports on the unusual number of Bidens living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

No president in decades has had as many adult relatives taking up residence in the White House than President Joe Biden, who has reportedly turned the official residence into a free housing option for his extended family.

In addition to his son Hunter Biden, who is rumored to be living at the residence to avoid getting served with legal papers in his messy child custody battle, the president’s granddaughter Naomi and her then-fiance Peter Neal also lived at the White House for “a few months” last fall, the couple told Vogue last year. The New York Times noted in passing in a report about their lavish White House wedding that “Ms. Biden and Mr. Neal live at the White House, according to two people familiar with their situation.”

Presidential historian Tevi Troy told the Washington Free Beacon that Biden having adult children and other relatives living at the White House is “not normal,” but also “not unheard of” in the modern era.

He noted that former president Barack Obama’s mother-in-law stayed at the residence “in large part to help with childcare,” while former president Harry Truman “had his mother-in-law live in the White House, mostly for nagging.” He said former president Gerald Ford’s kids, who were in their 20s when their father left office, “were around the White House a lot” as well.

But Biden’s relatives appear to be living at the White House for convenience. Naomi Biden, Hunter Biden’s oldest child, told Vogue last year that she and her fiance moved into the White House because their apartment lease ran out, and the magazine described their descent from “their living quarters on the third floor of the White House residence to practice their first dance.”