Nick Arama writes at about the president’s latest dubious economic claims.

One of the hallmarks of Joe Biden’s speeches is the constant misleading or outright false remarks about the economy. 

I don’t think the American people are buying it, given his approval on the economy is usually his lowest number in the polls. Either that or the number of people who think he’s mentally capable. Those tend to be low in virtually every poll. 

But among his common claims are that he created “15 million brand new jobs.” That is nonsense, it’s such a huge number because it’s people returning from the economy being locked down, not “brand new jobs.” It has nothing at all to do with Joe Biden or any “creation” of anything. 

He made that claim again during an event with “MGM Resorts Management and Culinary Leaders” in Las Vegas — a very small group of people, about 30 visible on camera, who were just gathered around him and frankly, didn’t look terribly excited about it. Yet he was speaking through a mic while standing right next to them. Bizarre. In that environment, he added in another unbelievable comment that they had to know was nonsense. 

Biden is claiming that Hispanic and African American workers are making 40 to 50 percent more under him, of course without any evidence to support this claim because it’s malarkey. He also seems to say this applies to just about everybody. While some wages have gone up, over his time in office they were largely wiped out by Bidenflation. But 40 to 50 percent? Does he think that he’s talking to people who will just accept statements like that? I think the people were being polite on the whole as he stumbled through his routine. 

Biden also went into his routine about how inflation, the thing he initially denied existed in 2021 and his people said was transitory, is “coming down” – although it’s still higher than it was when he came into office and went into spending overdrive.