Brittany Bernstein of National Review Online highlights one disappointing opening-day action from the new Biden administration.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday issued an executive order dissolving the Trump Administration’s 1776 Commission, which was established to study the core principles of the nation and to advise the federal government on how to prioritize founding principles in grants and other activities.

The White House claims the commission “sought to erase America’s history of racial injustice.”

Former President Donald Trump established the commission in an executive order in November that aimed to promote “patriotic education” and to push back against accusations that the country is “irredeemably and systemically racist.” The move was seen as pushing back against historical claims made in the New York Times‘ 1619 Project.

“Without our common faith in the equal right of every individual American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, authoritarian visions of government and society could become increasingly alluring alternatives to self-government based on the consent of the people,” Trump’s executive order read.

Biden’s order also revokes “President Trump’s damaging executive order limiting the ability of federal government agencies, contractors and even some grantees from implementing important and needed diversity and inclusion training.”

“Additional actions in the coming weeks will restore and reinvigorate the federal government’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility,” the White House said in a statement announcing the orders.

The repeal came as part of a series of executive orders aimed at addressing racial injustice and gender equity on Biden’s first day in office. …

… The order also establishes an equitable data working group to “ensure that federal data reflects the diversity of America” and directs the Office of Management and Budget to work to more equitably allocate federal resources to “empower and invest in communities of color and other underserved communities.”

Biden has tasked Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice with leading an interagency process to hold the federal government accountable for “advancing equity for families across America.”