Augustus Howard writes for the New York Post about the president’s efforts to mislead the public.

The Biden Administration will be known to history for many things: an open border and its deadly consequences, the abandonment of Afghanistan, weakness that led to catastrophe in Europe, skyrocketing inflation, and the use of federal law enforcement to target political opponents.

The catalog of infamy goes on.

Above all, though, this administration may be remembered for its duplicity — its continual, shameless “gaslighting” of the American people. Biden, his team, and his sycophantic media supporters repeatedly tell us that “all is well” where it manifestly is not. No matter how bad things become in the nation, no matter how many people suffer, reality has no purchase on the ideological bubble of this White House.

That is why, in these midterm elections, the American people must deliver to Joe Biden an unequivocal message: that they refuse to be gaslit, that they are not buying what he is selling.

Biden and his staff spin not simply to be optimistic. They do so to cover up the often deadly consequences of their policy decisions.

This is certainly the case as regards Biden’s open border. The president’s reversal of Trump-era border enforcement, and his effective encouragement of illegal border crossings, has led to widespread human suffering. Migrants have been dying in record numbers as they make their journeys, often under the control of coyotes and human smugglers. Americans are dying, too, as toxic fentanyl pours into the nation.

What do Biden and his aides have to say about all this?

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted that the Biden border disaster was not a “crisis,” but rather a “challenge.” Vice President Kamala Harris has gone further, stating that “the border is secure.”

As Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal policy went into effect, and as the Taliban reconquered that country, the American people were treated to a veritable buffet of gaslit falsehood.