Charles Cooke writes at National Review Online about the president’s bad ideas for addressing college student loan debt.

Mother Jones confirms that President Biden’s apparent determination to break the law and transfer hundreds of billions of dollars of student loan debt to taxpayers is the result of relentless agitation by some of the most selfish and outlandish people in these United States. In a piece lauding “Debt Collective,” America’s first “debtors’ union,” the magazine notes that, “over the last decade,” the group

“has laid crucial organizing and legal groundwork that has helped shift the terms of debate around the idea of canceling student loans. They’ve helped to transform the concept from a fringe pipe dream into a near political inevitability.”

This is wrong, of course. President Biden may, indeed, be considering doing what Debt Collective has asked. But that does not mean that what they have asked is not “fringe,” and it most certainly does not change the fact that it is flatly illegal.

Seriously, just listen to these people:

“’The idea that these debts aren’t carved in stone, which is what they feel like—changing that as a norm has to start somewhere, and they started it,’ says Eileen Connor, a Debt Collective collaborator who directs litigation at Harvard Law School’s Project on Predatory Student Lending.”

What absolute nonsense. This really isn’t that difficult to grasp: If you take out loans to pay for a service you want, you must pay those loans back in full per the schedule you agree to when you took out those loans. Americans with student-loan debt have borrowed that money from taxpayers. If they don’t pay it back, those taxpayers will have to eat the cost. Not only is that unjust, it’s entirely self-serving. Amazingly enough, taxpayers don’t seem to be covered by the “not carved in stone” standard that Debt Collective has invented out of whole cloth.