Naomi Lim of the Washington Examiner reports on one key piece of the president’s re-election strategy.

President Joe Biden is underscoring his green agenda as he seeks another four years in the White House so he can, in his own words, “finish the job.”

But after some of his more ambitious environment and climate policies were de-prioritized amid Russia’s war in Ukraine, he is being pressed to renew his focus on the issue, especially as one that resonates with younger voters.

Taking bold action to combat the climate crisis and building the clean energy economy of tomorrow is a fundamental priority for Biden, which is why he passed “the most significant climate legislation in the history of our country” during his first term, according to campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz.

“Not one Republican in either chamber voted for this historic investment to curb the devastating effects of climate change, and the extremist MAGA Republicans running for president would set our country back decades in what is an existent situation for the planet,” Munoz told the Washington Examiner. “Reelecting President Biden and Vice President Harris will help out country finish the job and continue advancing the essential work of creating clean energy jobs and leading the world toward a more sustainable future.”

But in a new ad, the Democratic political action committee Future Forward, for example, is emphasizing Biden’s green record while imploring the public to call the president about their environment and climate concerns.

“If you care about clean air, you should know President Biden’s infrastructure laws are reducing pollution and creating clean energy jobs,” the narrator says in the 15-second spot. “Tell Joe Biden to keep working for more jobs and less pollution.”

The ad coincides with Biden’s other proposal that appeals to younger voters, his student loan debt cancellation program, being challenged before the Supreme Court.